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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lyrics to The Masoli

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Lyrics:Shawn and Wally
Music and vocals:Danger Floyd

(Goes to the Lola by the Kinks)

I left Eugene and went down South
to play for a coach who runs his mouth
No More Oregon

Coach Nutt called me up and gave me chance
asked how to say my last and I said Masoli

Well Im not the worlds most smartest guy
But when he made an offer I knew it was goodbye to
Coach Kelly,Ole Miss say hello to Masoli

Well Im not dumb but I can't understand
how a lil weed could ruin my plans cause Im Masoli

(deep voice)
I packed up my stuff and caught the next flight
Had Ole Miss in my sights
Bought a new bong,what a great day
till I got a call from the N-C-double A
Well Im the worlds smartest qb
Which is why I went 3rd person and said there is no football for me
The Masoli,mamamamamamosi,mama,masoli

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