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Monday, September 13, 2010

5 Quick Things From Saturday

1.Hogs averaged 3.2 yards per rush against a Sun Belt team. But before we go all Chris Brown on message boards, let’s not forget what coach McGhee said on our show a few months ago, “If we lose one yard on first down, it cuts our playbook in half but if we rush for two yards we can call any play we want.”
I’ll take this coaching staff calling plays any day of the week.
2.Ryan Mallett had an “off night” throwing for 400 yards. What? Johnny Depp striking out at a bar is an off night. Man, have times changed.
3.Willy, we’re sorry. Sincerely, Media Experts.
4.Lots of talk about Anthony Leon moving to linebacker but prompts to Ross Rasner for making the same switch. Ross had three tackles for a loss of 13 yards. Speaking of Leon, he recorded five tackles Saturday night. He has passed the OVC and Sun Belt test, his SEC promotion is scheduled for Saturday.
5.Anyone else more concerned with drop balls than the running game? Just sayin.

BONUS: 3 NFR Things from Saturday.
1.Can’t stand the wave, yet I found myself staring at it like a Taco Bell menu at 2:00am. There was even a counter-clockwise wave! Boring first half, hot, and humid; I almost joined you from the press box.
2.To those who booed the Hogs Saturday night, not cool. Look at where this program a few years ago.
3.Loved the music that was being played between timeouts. Watching the defense and the crowd rocking to Trick Daddy’s “Let’s Go” had to be intimidating for ULM. This is a prime example of how the right music can put a crowd and team on the same page.

Thank for the read.

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