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Monday, March 24, 2008

Duke vs Belmont Highlights...With Puppets

A TV sports reporter finds a loophole around the tight video usage restrictions for NCAA tournament video reenacting the game with using dolls and puppets.

Watch first round coverage of the 2008 Men's Basketball Division I Tournament match up between Duke and Belmont.

Monday, March 17, 2008

They Wanted it More Than We Did

Thank goodness our founding fathers didn't say that or we would be talking about a whole other set of issues.
I cringe every time I hear a player use THAT phrase after a lose. Note to all players; please keep THAT comment to yourself. Seriously, the phrase sounds like the Hogs performance against Georgia, lazy and passive. Ouch!
And speaking of their play, the most frustrating part is how it was all right there for the taking. I seriously doubt Arkansas will ever have a chance to play for the SEC Championship again against a sub .500 team. But hey, they wanted it more than Arkansas.
So let's rally the team against the Hoosiers. Which Hog team will show up? Hopefully, the team will inform their hard working blue collar coach before tip off. Because, if the Arkansas players aren't feeling it then at least let the Man know so he can put players in the game who want it more than Indiana.
It is time for the Hogs to want it more.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Davensport Runs The 40

Richard Davenport runs his official 40 for the Sports Rap bet. Hilarity ensues...

Click these links for photos & video of the big event!

Download problems? Just watch it on YouTube.

Help Me Understand

Recap, from November to February, central Arkansas was snow exempt. Not a flake, notta! After a dusting earlier this week, I was just told the Little Rock area is under a Winter Storm Warning? Are you kidding me?
This should be interesting; nothing is more joyful yet painful to watch than Arkansans driving in the snow. It is sorta like watching the Hogs on the road, we try but we just can't do it. There is no middle ground for us, I promise you tomorrow will include one of the two scenarios.

1) You will be stuck behind a driver who is so scared that they lean forward over the steering wheel and brake check every two feet.

2)My personal favorite, the good ole boy with a Mossy Oak bumper sticker, passes you like you are sitting still. As he passes you hear "Gimme Three Steps" blasting out of truck as he "YEEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWWWWWS" down the highway....let the party begin.

So let's all jump in our cars and go buy some bread. Yep, bread, the mandatory purchase when Ole Man Winter pays a visit.

SIDEBAR:Tonight should be a fun show. Davenport is running the forty and Auburn coach Jeff Lebo will talk about his team.


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

Yep, I drank the cool-aid. There, I admit it; I thought the Hogs would knock off Ole Miss in Oxford. This team does have the uncanny ability to screw things up (that ones for you coach).
We can talk about heart, diving after balls, and all the other basketball jargon that has been dissected with this team. It just comes down to sheer talent. It saddens me to say, there is not a lot of high caliber SEC talent on this team. Sure, there are some good players but they all seem to be on the same playing level. Sonny Weems has emerged but if he is stopped, who can pick up the pace?
Today, they are on the bubble and maybe it is where they are supposed to be. Heck, maybe they have overachieved. Think about it, the roster is filled with tall players who have a hard time scoring. The point guards play like a roller coaster and shooting guards who, well, really can't shoot. We have been fooled Hog fans with experience instead of talent. And for this senior class, from a fan's perspective, has been an experience.

DONT FORGET: RICHARD RUNS THE FORTY TOMORROW AT 4!!!! In Little Rock, you can catch the show on AM 920 starting at four and 102.9 at six.


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

We All Have Meltdowns

Well, it finally happened. I had my first meltdown with a caller, so I want to thank listener Tim for the pleasure(click on the word meltdown to hear the exchange, fast forward to 7:00 mark of the segment). All opinions are welcomed but going after Wally, when he is not even present, will not be tolerated.
My boss heard it, corrected me and rightfully so, I deserved it. My intent was dead on but my actions were off a bit. My co-host was not there to defend himself and that simply will not happen. Anyway, glad it's over and we will try it again tomorrow.

For the record, I hope Nolan coaches again.