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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

Yep, I drank the cool-aid. There, I admit it; I thought the Hogs would knock off Ole Miss in Oxford. This team does have the uncanny ability to screw things up (that ones for you coach).
We can talk about heart, diving after balls, and all the other basketball jargon that has been dissected with this team. It just comes down to sheer talent. It saddens me to say, there is not a lot of high caliber SEC talent on this team. Sure, there are some good players but they all seem to be on the same playing level. Sonny Weems has emerged but if he is stopped, who can pick up the pace?
Today, they are on the bubble and maybe it is where they are supposed to be. Heck, maybe they have overachieved. Think about it, the roster is filled with tall players who have a hard time scoring. The point guards play like a roller coaster and shooting guards who, well, really can't shoot. We have been fooled Hog fans with experience instead of talent. And for this senior class, from a fan's perspective, has been an experience.

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