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Monday, March 17, 2008

They Wanted it More Than We Did

Thank goodness our founding fathers didn't say that or we would be talking about a whole other set of issues.
I cringe every time I hear a player use THAT phrase after a lose. Note to all players; please keep THAT comment to yourself. Seriously, the phrase sounds like the Hogs performance against Georgia, lazy and passive. Ouch!
And speaking of their play, the most frustrating part is how it was all right there for the taking. I seriously doubt Arkansas will ever have a chance to play for the SEC Championship again against a sub .500 team. But hey, they wanted it more than Arkansas.
So let's rally the team against the Hoosiers. Which Hog team will show up? Hopefully, the team will inform their hard working blue collar coach before tip off. Because, if the Arkansas players aren't feeling it then at least let the Man know so he can put players in the game who want it more than Indiana.
It is time for the Hogs to want it more.

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