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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Im Back!

Hey guys, thanks for stopping by the blog. It is my job to update this bad boy so from this point on if it is outdated then please blame Russ, I meant me. Yes, blame me, Shawn Christopher Arnell if the blog gets outdated. With that in mind, here is a new list of “Surprises” and “No Big Deal”

Surprised Category
-Message boards not posting “Petrino to USC” topics.
-The Razorback Marching Band’s refusal to honor tradition while trying to be a little creative.
-How bad Tennessee made Kansas look.
-Wade Phillips outcoached Andy Reid, not once, not twice, but three times! Papa Phillips getting a lil street cred.
-Modern Family has become the funniest television show.

No Big Deal Category
-McGuire admitting he juiced while playing pro ball. I find myself feeling sorry for him because you know what they say about those who juice, “Built like a house, hung like a mouse”.
-ESPN releasing a 3-D television channel, please pray that Erin Andrews get’s more face time then Chris Berman.
-Hog’s recruiting is 50th in various publications; this staff goes by what their eyes see and not what their gut is telling them.
-That dudes wore Snuggies to the Liberty Bowl. Think about it, do you know how cold it has to be for a fellow Arkansan to don a Snuggie in public? Come on, give these guys a break! By the way, the tan ones are manlier…so I hear.

Shawn Arnell, 1:50

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